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Birkenhead College uniforms are available from The Uniform Shoppe


Monday - CLOSED

Tuesday - 10am to 6pm

Wednesday - 10am to 4pm

Thursday - 10am to 4pm

Friday - CLOSED

Saturday - 10am to 2pm


Barfoot & Thompson Netball Centre (Main Foyer)

44 Northcote Road, Takapuna

Auckland 0627

Ph# 027 556 6816



All students must wear one of two styles of regulation* blue shirts. Both shirt styles come in long and short sleeve versions.


All students have the choice of wearing navy regulation long pants, shorts, a long skirt, a short skirt or a tupenu. These items can be worn year-round.


All students have the choice of either a navy regulation striped jumper or cardigan.


Students may wear a black regulation soft-shell jacket in cooler months.


All year: black shoes (must be black without any additional colour). Black leather sandals are optional. However, some subjects will still require students to wear fully covered shoes for Health and Safety reasons. Sandals must tie below the ankle.


All students have a choice of wearing either a black regulation beanie or cap outside of the classroom. Students may wear a plain black hijab. 


  • Hair: Natural hair colours only
  • No bandanas permitted
  • Shaving: Boys must be clean shaven
  • Make up: Natural coloured makeup and neutral coloured nail polish
  • Jewellery: One plain earring in each ear is allowed. No other forms of jewellery are permitted. Facial piercings are not permitted

In all matters not specifically covered here, the decision of the school shall be final.​​​​​​​


Students in Year 13 are not required to wear school uniform but must comply with a dress code. They are expected to dress in an appropriate manner and to a standard acceptable to the college. This will be discussed in assemblies.

  • Offensive messages, slogans or illustrations on any clothing will not be permitted
  • Girls’ skirts and shorts are to be of an appropriate length
  • Revealing tops are inappropriate and must not be worn
  • Visible forms of body or facial piercing are not permitted
  • Boys must be clean shaven

In all matters not specifically covered here, the decision of the school shall be final.

Birkenhead College expects all students to take pride in their appearance and to dress neatly at all times.

This applies at school AND between home and school.

Our uniform is unisex: a person may wear any combination of the regulation* uniform pieces.

​*regulation refers to items purchased from The Uniform Shoppe