Student Leaders


There are many opportunities for Birkenhead College students to take on leadership roles, right from Year 9 to Year 13. 

We encourage and support our students in applying for and succeeding in these various roles, and we value the contributions they are able to make to the school in doing so.


This is a student and staff elected council. Student Council is a group that plans, organises and oversees many events throughout the year, from the Annual School Ball to Valentines Day celebrations. This group meets weekly and is facilitated by our Year 13 Dean, who is always on hand to guide and advise.



The Arts Council looks after The Arts at Birkenhead College, and during school production years they are even busier helping out in many ways, from Front of House duties to intermission refreshments. The Arts Council also works together to produce events like BC's Got Talent, BC Idol and the annual Arts Awards - a real highlight of the calendar year. 


Our Sports Council always looks after the running of Birkenhead College's Swimming Sports and Athletics Day right at the start of each year, ensuring the smooth running of these events. They also help in many other instances, such as the annual visit from our local intermediate school and, of course, the end-of-year Sports Awards.


Before the school year even starts our dedicated Peer Support Leaders are in school, training and planning for their important leadership roles. Peer Support Leaders are the students who are there to help Year 9s on their very first day at college, getting to know the 'newbies' and ensuring the  year-long link with their allocated form class is a positive and successful one.


Year 12 Community Leaders are a group of students who develop their team and leadership skills throughout Year 12 and become good role models for peers and younger BC pupils. These students need to self-nominate and commit to fortnightly meetings with our Year 12 Dean. They are involved in fundraising initiatives, developing ideas about how to strengthen the Birkenhead College community and working together to foster the Birkenhead College values of pride, whanau and respect.​​​​​​​


​​​​​​Junior students also have an opportunity to learn leadership skills and work for a common good when they put themselves forward to be a Form Class Representative. This group meets twice a term to discuss school and local issues, and to bring a strong student voice together. There are usually two people from each form class making up this larger group, so there are plenty of chances to get involved. The Year 12 Community Leaders and Student Council represent Years 12 and 13.