​​​​​​​In the Birkenhead College English Department, we  have high expectations for our learners and pride ourselves on creating ethical resources in spaces where everybody is somebody. We encourage each individual to be their authentic self and achieve excellence. We magnify learners’ strengths, and support them when work is challenging. The English department does this to ensure all learners have confidence, equitable outcomes and access to high quality English education within culturally sustainable class settings.

In English classes we learn how to understand and unpack texts. Texts can be novels, films, music clips, lyrics, speeches, advertisements, Youtube clips, articles and so much more. Any text that creates meaning or has purpose is a text which we can study in our English classes. 

The study of texts in English helps build empathy and helps to expand our cultural, historical and societal knowledge. It also helps us build connections and encourages us to become more critically aware and analytical.  ​​​​​​​

HOD Ms Laura McKenzie