Birkenhead College is well-known for its excellent Music Department and its high participation in Music. Our programme has strong contemporary elements, with a focus on songwriting and performance, allowing our students to explore and expand their creativity and musical knowledge.

We offer a wide variety of activities in which we encourage our students to be involved. These include both solo and group composition and performance (which includes opportunities to perform at Smoke-free Rockquest, Tangata Beats, Stand Up Stand Out and Lion Foundation song-writing competitions).

Music is encouraged at all levels and tuition for most instruments is provided by our experienced itinerant tutors. We also have a recording studio for students to immerse themselves in and learn the art of sound production.

Specialist music tuition available at the school:

Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Drums, Bass Guitar, Piano, Trumpet, French Horn, Euphonium, Flute, Violin and Cello .

HOD Mr Shannon Coulomb

[email protected]