Book Groups


​​​​​​​Our Senior Book Group meets once a term to discuss a novel we have all read. We are fortunate to have so many avid readers at Birkenhead College that our group comprises of both students and staff.

We read a range of books throughout the year, and the selection is as varied as our members' opinions on them! Senior Book Group is a particularly good choice of activity for those senior students who put themselves forward for Scholarship English in Year 13.​​​​​​​


Day TBC, 3.30 in the library​​​​​​​


The BC Book Groups meet during lunchtime, once a term, with a separate group for Year 9s, Year 10s and Year 11s. We read a range of books, from classics to graphics. Junior groups look at the annual NZ Children and Youth Book Awards and make their own decision on who they think should win, having tested out the shortlist beforehand. BC Book Groups are designed to be a relaxed, social group with no expectations of students forcing themselves to read the selection if they don't enjoy it.​​​​​​​


Days TBC, lunchtimes in the library​​​​​​​


Mrs Melissa Elliott,