The library at Birkenhead College is a well-resourced centre of learning and information, where all students can go to study, research and ask for help finding information they need. Open from 8.45 until 4.30pm each day, it is also available for student use at interval and lunchtime. 

During break times the library encourages students to make use of a wide selection of board games, card games and other non-digital entertainment with friends.

Our collection of over 6000 books, articles and digital resources is successfully used for both learning and recreation, and our librarian supports and encourages all students to read and learn with confidence. Classes regularly come to the library for reading, to use the computer lab on the mezzanine floor upstairs and for research, and all students are welcome to use the library after school for their own study in a peaceful and calm environment.

We have dedicated Te Ako Māori and Pasifika Collections within the library catalogue and constantly strive to purchase texts that show a wide range of diversity and experience.


Birkenhead College is the only school on the North Shore that has a dedicated and individualised reading programme for junior students. We value reading in the true sense, as discussed in Kelly Gallagher's cornerstone book 'Readicide: How Schools are Killing Reading and What You Can do About It'.

Each junior student uses their weekly library lesson to read and allow themselves time to enjoy reading. They are guided and encouraged by library staff as individual readers, working from their own starting point and building confidence and enjoyment in reading for recreation throughout the year. Parents are kept 'in the know' about their child's reading progress and habits via email. All reading is tracked by students and staff together and reading goals are set and revisited frequently.

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Mrs Melissa Elliott