Student Experience



‘I think the great thing about Birkenhead College is the people. I really enjoy the relationship between the teachers and kids because it is more like a friendship where the teacher tries to help in every way possible. Here you can talk to them about most of your problems and ask them to suggest you something, really like friends do.’ 

SUSANA, Colombia

‘BC is an awesome high school where I learnt lots of values from every single person I talked with. Every day people help you with the process of interacting with others and making new friends, they don’t let you be alone in such a big experience you are going through, not even your first day of school which is pretty scary for most international students. Thank you for being part of the best experience of my life.’ 

SEIYA, Japan

‘The best thing about BC is the teachers. I was surprised that the teachers answer every individual question we ask and provide the environment where we can concentrate on our study.’ 


‘One important factor for a non-English speaking student is to get involved, show courage and help. 

The biggest difference between my hometown and BC is that here I can raise my head, fill myself with courage and go on. The feedback from teachers is positive and the support from my friends strong and firm. From this I gain strength to do the impossible. This is the reason I smile, the reason for me to get involved and to persevere through barriers no matter how hard it is. 

This is why Birkenhead College is an amazing community.’ ​​​​​​​